Private Commissions

Would you prefer to purchase an artwork in completely bespoke colour ways to match or compliment your home, business environment or interiors project? 


Working together, we can explore your ideas and concepts for a unique painting or custom collection.

My mixed media artworks explore the materiality of paint, expanding artistic boundaries through my signature use of textured foundations, pastels, acrylics, opulent metallics and polished resin.

Vivid dimensional abstracts emerge on the surface, sitting alongside naturalistic and other-worldly elements that allow more capacity for meditative thinking. 

My dimensional mixed media works on canvas are available to commission in a variety of sizes to suit you or your clients.

All works start with the foundation - my unique and signature dimensional medium with manipulated textures, inspired by naturalistic form and landscapes to create a completely timeless aesthetic. 

Beautiful iridescent colour ways are selected, combined with acrylics - you may select from an expansive palette and present a range of influences to inspire your project.

My Artworks are generally completed in an alluring high shine polished resin finish that creates an ever-changing sense of reflection for viewers, adding vibrancy and opulence to your home balanced with a meditative mood of tranquility.

The addition if desired of luxury elements such as 24k gold pigment or leaf, diamond dust etc may also be considered for your custom order.

If you would like to connect and explore creating your new bespoke artwork(s) then feel free to use the contact section or email to register your interest and we can arrange a consultation. Kindly note my current wait time for bespoke artwork can be up to 3-6 months depending on the scale of your project.

I look forward to working with you.