Charles Pedone is a British/Italian Contemporary Artist, based in The Midlands, UK.
Currently represented by LUX GALLERY, Edgbaston, Birmingham, ZARI GALLERY, Fitzrovia, London and NAZIONALE SALOTTI, South Italy with new galleries also to be added in 2022.

Charles’ mixed media work explores the materiality of paint, expanding artistic boundaries through his signature use of textured foundations, pastels, acrylics, opulent metallics and polished resin.

Vivid dimensional abstracts emerge on the surface, sitting alongside other-worldly elements that allow more capacity for meditative thinking, reflecting a sense of changing inner landscape of emotion from day to night.

Working directly with clients and galleries his work can be found in private collections. With an eye for interiors and commercial industry experience he has been commissioned to produce work for specific interior projects.

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Whether large scale or small, I don't think there is much more of a thrill than having someone fall in love with an artwork you have created. To afford a part of your home or business for pieces of my work is beyond the best recognition and I continue to strive to incorporate the endless ideas I have into one of a kind artworks for you."